Innovating through the eyes of your customer

Future by Design is a results-driven innovation partner using a philosophy of design thinking and human centred design (HCD) to solve complex client challenges by re-designing the human experience back into every product and service.

Our process assists our clients to translate the ‘voice of the customer’ into additional revenues by designing products, services and delivery mechanisms which their customers really need and want.

We have a portfolio of numerous successful product and service concepts for clients in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, based our unique approach to HCD and Design Thinking.

Our approach to business and design is equally effective in setting up corporate incubator structures and sourcing the product and service opportunities within them.

We maintain a strong presence in the EMEA corridor with dedicated hubs in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Kampala, Berlin and Dubai.

From Patterns to Products

Keeping the Voice of the Customer alive

Our approach to problem solving and innovation is rooted in advanced design thinking techniques, and human centred design (HCD) based ethnography or ethnographic research. Our approach looks at the future of entire industries or specific product or customer experience challenges.

Our human centred design HCD based ethnographic research explains real client behaviour and perspectives by adding a rich layer of ‘high-fidelity’ data to the client persona. This empathetic understanding enables us to innovate relevant new products, services and solutions or change existing ones to suit the newly discovered customer needs.

We have a proven ability to convert research findings into testable products and services and have a successful track record of setting up corporate incubators for enterprise and supplier development. You need to select a team who can demonstrate research depth and implementation success.

How we can help you

We work with clients to:
  • Provide insights about the future of their industry and provide the tools and tactics to define their role in it
  • Apply HCD and design thinking techniques to co-create profitable products, services and business models
  • Design Thinking Training and Design Thinking Courses for companies and departments
  • Two day Design Thinking “Hothouses” to solve targeted client challenges
  • Conduct Ethnographic research to uncover the “voice of the customer” insights
  • Set up of corporate incubators for enterprise and supplier development
  • Innovation Capability and Readiness Audits
  • Adapt products, services and business models for foreign companies entering the African market

Our Team

A multidisciplinary team of Innovators and Business Professionals

Iain Bryant

Business Innovation

IB 3

Ulrich Meyer-Hoellings

New Business Design


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