This post follows from my previous one about Creative Leadership and was prompted by various interactions over the last few weeks with people trying to drive innovation within large organisations.

One of the real barriers to driving creative thinking, new culture and mindsets lies in the inability of large organisations to design systems / structures / incentives that enable these critical skills as outlined by leaders in Davos to be fully utilised.

10 skills


In order to unpack this further I really enjoyed reading the Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016 that starts off with “Many Millennials have one foot out the door” and goes in the outline some of the major forces shaping the future of work e.g. that millennials are less impressed by the sheer scale of a business, its age, or the general buzz that surrounds it – so don’t try and throw money at the problem.

“Millennials would prioritize the sense of purpose around people rather than growth or profit maximisation.” the authors go on to say. One wonders if this debate is even reaching into the epicentres of the old economy.

What is clear is that a new organisational OS design is needed based on a people-centric view of the world, so watch this space as we start experimenting.

Please also see this HBR / EY Report that outlines the “Business Case for Purpose”.