We bring your customers to life.

Our ethnographic research captures the voice of the customer and translates it into the language of the boardroom.

We believe that less is more!

Let our knowledge and experience cut the time and costs of your innovation efforts. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

We strive for simple and bold solutions

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” You need confidence in your research in order to be bold in innovation.

Survival depends on agility and speed

In today’s changing world, your team needs the latest and best innovation skills. Always be the fastest antelope on the plain!

There is always a better way

Even when your company is performing well, never stop looking for ways to make it better.  Our broad ‘expedition experience’ will help you find a way.

In an ever-changing world we enable our clients to not only keep pace with change, but to #LeadTheChange.

Whatever the drivers of change, our innovation solutions are rooted in client and market needs identified through design thinking and ethnography. Our solutions look across value chains and address broader social and environmental dependencies. In this way we believe that we are making the world a better place.



Our adaptable process assists clients to translate the ‘voice of the customer’ into additional revenues by designing products, services and delivery mechanisms which their customers really need and want.

Our approach to problem solving and innovation is rooted in advanced design thinking techniques, and human centred design (HCD) based ethnography or ethnographic research. Our approach looks at the future of entire industries or specific product or customer experience challenges.

Our HCD based ethnographic research explains real client behaviour and perspectives by adding a rich layer of ‘high-fidelity’ data to the client persona. This empathetic understanding enables us to innovate relevant new products, services and solutions or change existing ones to suit the newly discovered customer needs.

We have a proven ability to convert research findings into testable products and services and have a successful track record of setting up corporate incubators for enterprise and supplier development. You need to select a team who can demonstrate research depth and implementation success.


Interpreting the voice of the customer

Asking the right questions, in the right way and in a natural context. Listening to the many voices of the customer with openness and empathy. Identifying patterns to extract meaning from the many voices. Accurately translating the voice of the customer into the executive language of the boardroom in a way that adds value to the problem at hand.

We have developed research and assessment tools to provide your company leadership with important insights to aid decision making.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Overly complex solutions get in the way of successful implementation. Innovation efforts fail when they are too complex and impractical.

Less academic theory – more real life ‘learning-by-doing’.


Our approach to innovation is based on a proven framework of human-centered design and design thinking, however within that framework, our process is highly adaptable to the unique challenges and context of every project.

Process efficiency

Cost and time considerations are foremost in the minds of our clients. We use our broad experience coupled with industry best practice to ensure that the innovation process is streamlined and cost-effective.

Innovate for sustainability

Sustainability is both a key driver of innovation and a responsible consideration in innovation.  By applying eco-centric design principles we are able to limit the environmental impacts from across your value chain.

The benefits of appointing external innovation consultants




We can’t help ourselves… imagination, innovation, design, creativity, refinement, optimism and action is in our DNA.  We’re pretty sure we’d make terrible employees, but we make a fantastic team to inspire and support your innovation journey.

Iain Bryant

Business and Product Innovation

Andrew Purnell

Ecocentric End-to End Design