Not sure which route to take?

Innovation presents many options… our research and processes give you the confidence to make tough decisions.

How do you measure innovation success?

It’s not quite that easy. Tracking innovation performance metrics, project ROI and the intangible value of corporate mind-shift is complex. We can help you solve your innovation reporting challenges.

Running low on creativity?

Our range of facilitated processes can ensure that your team keep the innovation pipeline flowing with rich ideas.

Capitalise on your past mistakes

When the cracks in your past innovation efforts are laid bare – don’t stop innovating. Let us help you to bank those lessons and redirect your efforts.

Do you know what you know?

When you stack all your market insights together you realise just what a mountain of knowledge you have. Let us help you make the most of what you already know.

Everything is clear from up here

Let us help you to get a satellite view of your industry that enables you to monitor the right indicators and track the right trends.

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We are driven by the desire to design a new future and have worked with clients who are looking to redefine the future of the following industries:

  • Beverage Industry
  • Financial Services and Banking and how to re-invent banking as we know it.
  • Financial and Social inclusion in better serving the base of the pyramid
  • Legal and Professional Services
  • Digital Insurance and the link to Mobile solutions
  • Media
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport
  • Mining
  • Pharmacies, Medical Retail and Healthcare; and
  • Retail
  • Property
  • Fishing Industry
  • Fast moving Consumer Goods



Our portfolio of innovation and design projects have resulted in a suite of products and services which have been successfully implemented by clients in both Africa and Europe over the last 15 years, across many sectors.

The list below demonstrates the diversity of our innovation work. Much of the work is confidential and still subject to non-disclosure agreements:

  • Leading Beverage Manufacturer and Distributor – establishment of an innovative in-house incubator programme in order to transform the multi-billion Rand procurement supply chain by establishing new suppliers, growing existing suppliers and creating employment
  • Leading Pan African Bank – use of Human centred design (HCD) and Design Thinking techniques as a major driver of customer-centric innovation. Developed 11 go to market products within 6 months
  • South African Bank – detailed ethnographic research to better understand the real nature and behaviour of a particular customer segment. Part of this was to find new ways to segment the customer base in more meaningful ways beyond, age, income, gender and earnings in order to inform better product innovations.
  • Kenya Financial Inclusion Initiative – Human Centred Design and Ethnographic Research in order to design a suite of financial products to stimulate working capital penetration into the farming value chain.
  • Mozambican Mobile Network Operator – design of new financial product portfolios for sales agents in order to roll out Mpesa.
  • South African Mobile Network Operator – In order to drive ARPU and non-voice revenue, the MNO embarked on a series of disruptive innovation efforts in the mobile banking, insurance, media and entertainment space
  • African Power Utility – Initial design of innovation strategy and roll out of implementation plan.
  • South African Newspaper Group – Research and development of new revenue generating business model. Establishment of off site innovation factory.
  • South African Newspaper Group – Innovation Readiness audit and recommendations for further innovation investment
  • Bertelsman (Germany) – Human Centred Design and Ethnographic Research into understanding future global market drivers and determining impact on different business units
  • Holtzbrink (Germany) – Build an internal corporate venturing capability and structure to drive non-core business growth and incubate new market offerings
  • South African Financial Publishing Company – development of new revenue models and incubation of new ventures
  • Global Diversified Media Group – development of a R&D strategy and academic partnership
  • South African Diversified Media Group – facilitation of disruptive innovation process with senior leadership
  • Leading SA Bank – Establishment of Innovation Initiative to create a more relevant value proposition and digital customer experience to increase relevance with younger, non- traditional and tech-savvy customer segments
  • South African Office Automation Business – advised leadership team on defining corporate strategy and establishing an innovation capability within the company to drive new revenue growth
  • Deutsche Bahn (Germany) – Enhancing the travel experience through value added services delivered via an app. This included the commercialisation strategy for alternative app based business models.
  • Legal Publishing House – Developed a new long term strategy and 3 new innovative product lines. This piece included detailed research and the publication of a White Paper on the future of law in South Africa.


We have worked with the Future by Design team on various of our innovation initiatives at Standard Bank over the last three months.  The initiatives covered ethnographic research and product innovation in the areas of mobile, payments, customer experience and mobile platforms. We have been impressed by their approach to innovation and the goal oriented way in which they lead and facilitate their field research and co-creation workshops.

Their ability to bring together the right teams of people to both get the job done and to train the trainers as part of their approach to knowledge transfer and skills development have been invaluable to us.

We are in the process of implementing some of the solutions that were delivered as part of the project.

Standard Bank

“I don’t believe I would have the peace of mind I enjoy today had it not been for “Future By Design.”

I wish them the very best going forward and I am sure the next client will be as delighted as I am.

Toni Rimell

Managing Director

Handwork Hub

Thank you guys for the best Strategy conference for a while, in fact EVER !

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