We bring innovation to life

Is innovation getting the support you need? Our fun and creative processes will keep your team excited about innovation.

Your team needs the right skills

Are your Human Centred Design and Design Thinking skills getting blunt? Let us help your team to be the sharpest on the block.

We love clients with a powerful vision

Let us help you develop innovation strategies that navigate global and industry change on the path to achieving your vision.

We give innovation direction

Do you feel like innovation is taking you on a wild goose chase? Let us be your guide and help you find your ‘innovation compass’.

Is your long-term horizon a bit fuzzy?

Let us help you to capture a clearer picture of your future and design innovation strategies to get you there.

Are your innovation efforts missing a beat?

If your team is in a creative rut or losing innovation momentum, let us introduce them to new insights, processes and tools.

How do your clients see you?

Do you know enough about your clients to understand what marketing display they need to see to understand the value of your products and services.

Equip your innovation toolbox

Do you have the right people, in the right positions, with the right skills and the best tools at their disposal?
Not really... Um, how about your competitors?

All clients face crucial innovation challenges. You can spend valuable time trying to solve them yourself, or you can bring in a team who has done this before.

Our proven approach not only saves you time and resources, 
but will re-introduce fun to your business, and a guaranteed resolution to the challenges you face. Innovation does not happen by accident.


What we do

We are

A results-driven innovation partner using a philosophy of design thinking and human-centred design (HCD) to solve complex industry, value chain and client challenges. We apply a business lens to innovation and an innovation lens to business.

Our Business Turnaround division has a proven track record of bringing good businesses back under the control of management.

Our work

Includes a portfolio of projects across Africa, Europe and the Middle-East, and demonstrates a track record for delivering industry leading innovation that helps our clients gain competitive advantage.

Let’s start by helping you resolve critical challenges in your business and then we can go on to change the world.


Our services
At our core we enable innovation to happen in your organisation, business ecosystem or your current and future market space.

Our core services are focused in the six distinct areas listed below. The diversity of client businesses, the fluidity of the innovation and design process and the varying motivators for change, mean that we are constantly adapting our service offering to meet our clients’ individual needs.

Thank you guys for the best Strategy conference for a while, in fact EVER !
Trevor Ncube

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Past Clients
Our team is waiting to hear from you

Iain Bryant - Director
Business and Product Innovation

Andrew Purnell - Associate
Eco-centric End-to-End Design